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The Gazitoe.com is an e-commerce market website, which was founded in 2018 with a mission to create an easily accessible and affordable platform to fulfill all customers’ needs. We are now home to happy () customers and our family is growing every hour with a new purchase made on our site or a new seller joining in. 

Our Team

We do what we admire and have a wonderful time doing. it was an engaging, enthusiastic, smart, and energetic staff at Shuhan Enterprises (Gazitoe.com) that work hard and are committed to making a difference. We have a people’s pool that is working every day to provide a better experience to the customers visiting our site:

  • Co-Founder and CEO: Sahil Parvez 

‘We are more than just an e-commerce site’

We provide an easy escape from all the hustle and struggle of street shopping, which does not only save your time but also provides you the best deal as you will have so much to compare and choose from. We provide a great range of products starting from groceries, mobile accessories, gadgets, mobiles and a lot more. Our customer-friendly policies and easy cancellation process and facilities like tracking orders add to your shopping experience.

Our values

We value our customer’s shopping experience and strive for excellence in terms of quality goods availing. We work for building a space for customers where they can shop products from the verified vendors.

Our mission

Gazitoe.com provides a two-way service through their e-commerce shopping site: for vendors who would like to sell and for customers who would love to buy.

Our promise

We believe in delivering the best and building a smart space to buy and sell. We deliver your needs all it takes is visiting our site. We are working every day to enhance the customer-seller experience.

Our essence

Gazitoe.com operates on futuristic ideas, futuristic needs for an online marketplace, inclusivity, and vendor-shopper networking.